Why Use the Herbal Vaporizer?

The dry herb vaporizer is by far one of the most popular marijuana toking accessories in cannabis culture today. What makes the herbal vaporizer so unique and such a powerful tool for smoking? There are a number of features that we will go through to help you understand why this electronic device is both a time saver, of a huge convenience, and even a money saver.

dry herb herbal vaporizer
1. Time Saver: Rolling joints and blunts is an exhausting part of smoking and what the herbal vape pen does is that it diminishes your need to roll. How? Well, rather than putting your grinds atop a piece of paper and then rolling it up, all you have to do is put it into the heating chamber and press a button to light the herbs. Not needing to roll is a good thing on so many counts. Sometimes your roll is too tight, sometimes too loose, you never have to worry about that with a dry herb vaporizer.
2. Convenience: Needless to say, not needing to buy rolling paper or light a bowl is a huge convenience. Dry herb vaporizers are rechargable devices, so you can take it on the go and enjoy hours of smoking on a single charge. Carrying a bowl around might be the equivalent to carrying a vaporizer around for some people. However, the vape pens are generally much thinner and fit more comfortably into tight spaces like your pocket. Additionally, bowls often reak of weed which makes you smell like weed. Dry herb vape pens burn weed from within a closed off heating chamber, trapping most of the smell inside the pen.
3. Money Saver: Sure, your initial investment for a dry herb vaporizer could be more expensive than most other weed smoking accessories, but have you considered that rolling paper and blunt wraps could easily add up? Yes, blunt wraps can cost up to $2, and for 30 sessions, you could have already purchased a high end dry herb vaporizer.
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Discovery of Fantasia E Hookah

I feel like my research never stops and sometimes my thirst for knowledge can get pretty crazy. So I found an alternative to the expensive vaporizer products that the vape store were aggressively trying to sell to me. The alternative is the disposable e hookah pens. Upon surfing the web and checking what’s available to me, I found Fantasia electronic hookah. The reason why I chose to go with Fantasia is because they had a high ratio of good reviews to bad ones.

People claim that they are premium, each pen holds 800 puffs, they’re more affordable, and the flavors are great. Couldn’t go wrong with that especially since it was very affordable. I got each pen for about $7 each, for 800 puffs, that was a steal. The only thing about these e hookah pens is that they do not have nicotine in them! I wondered to myself, how can I quit cigarettes without nicotine? Then in the reviews, a lot of people were able to quit cigarettes without the use of nicotine at all and highly recommended using vaporizers and juices that do not have nicotine in them.

fantasia electronic hookah

So I bought my e shisha pens online because I figured the Fantasia branded hookah pens should be consistent from vendor to vendor. I’m also a very patient person, so waiting for it to come in the mail wasn’t a big deal for me.

When it came in, I tried my first e hookah pen ever. It tasted great, that’s for sure. The crappy flavors that I was used to from Njoy, Blu, and local vape stores now seem even crappier! There are no basic flavors like strawberry or cherry. The flavors are all blended from a variety of ingredients producing a delicious flavor.

Of course, the 800 puffs was actually quite impressive. Yes, the Fantasia electronic hookah pen is slightly longer and heavier than most disposable e cigs out there. This is well worth it for the amount of juice that it packs in the pen. I will post back soon to track my progress of quitting cigarettes. So far, I’ve been doing very well.

Fantasia e hookah

The Rise of Vape Stores

Technology is always evolving, which is why the electronic cigarette, which seems to be a succeeding industry is expanding in many directions. I have seen a bunch of vape stores. However, I’m not sure whether the disposable e cig were introduced first or if it were these juice vaporizers. Regardless, I have only very recently learned about these vaping products.

There is an ocean of information about vaporizers and they even go on the news sometimes. With a quick Google search, I was able to find a lot of online retailers and local stores that sell these products. These vaporizers are a lot more complicated because you have it set it up yourself, and there are so many different ways that you can modify them. In addition to all the different products that you can purchase in order to get a working kit, there are also an endless selection of e juices and nicotine levels that you use with the pens.

vape store

I figured I had to talk to an actual person before I decided on whether or not I wanted to buy any of this stuff. I went to a local vape store based on the good reviews they had. When I first entered the store, there was a lot of vapors in the air, making it hard to even see. It was a weird experience for me seeing a store like this.

The workers there were very friendly and were extremely helpful in introducing me to the various products. Another great feature about these stores is that you are able to test the products and all of the juices that they offer. Some people seem to just lounge there and puff at their vaporizer pen. They had communal vaporizer pens for people to try. We used disposable mouth piece covers so that we aren’t sharing anything else aside from the pen.

I was impressed with the product overall, but since the salesman was trying so hard to sell multiple items to me, I kind of backed off and went home. I’m going to sleep on it for now.

My Trial of E Cigs

I have been a smoker since high school, even though I wasn’t supposed to be buying cigarettes at the time. I had a bunch of friends who did smoke cigarettes, and we had a small directory of all the places where we can purchase them at discounted prices in LA. Of course, that sounds super shady, but as kids we never thought that far and deep into something. This is a habit that I know I have to kick eventually, my family and my girlfriend hates it. I have been testing out various electronic cigarettes in an attempt to quit.

The first one I tried was one from the corner store, the brand name is Njoy. I actually really enjoyed it the first time I tried it and it really resembled a cigarette. It looked and felt like a cigarette. It produced vapors which resemble cigarette smoke, but of course it is not real smoke. They say that this is a much safer alternative because it reduces the amount of carcinogens that are taken in when you use it.

njoy disposable e cig

I couldn’t complain about this vaporizer except for the fact that it was slightly more expensive than a pack of cigarettes here. The 300 puffs that the pen comes with can be used up so fast. 300 puffs might sound like a lot, but it really is not all that much. I finished using it in a single day. Being that I was impressed by the e cig, I had to purchase a few more and continued to use it anyway.

I eventually had to look for a cheaper alternative and found Blu e cigarettes. The reason why these are cheaper is because it comes with a battery and refillable cartridges. Each cartridge was supposed to pack more juice and up to 500 puffs. The thing I didn’t like about the Blu e cig was that it didn’t taste as good, and about half way through the puffs, it starts tasting like burning plastic. It was about $100 for the kit and I am not impressed with it. Perhaps I will look into alternatives yet once again, but unfortunately I have already spent the money on this kit.

blu electronic cigarette

Blu e cigs also offer several flavors to choose from if you don’t like the standard “tobacco” taste. They have a menthol, which is my favorite, and the peach which is pretty disgusting in my opinion. I think they may have another flavor like coffee, but that doesn’t sound appealing at all.

Showing Off My Awesomeness

My first post will be to spotlight my writing ability as writing is a very important aspect of any blog or website. I have learned a lot about content marketing and have assisted many different companies with not only setting up their website, but also writing some of their first pieces. As a matter of fact, you can hire me for writing as well, just head over to my contact page.

I have always enjoyed writing even throughout all of my schooling days. Even in elementary school, I found myself really enjoying writing. How much can I possibly enjoy writing? If I had a paper in college that had to have a minimum of 1000 words, I’d write 4000. My professors probably hated me and having to read through all of the words that I put down. Just kidding, I have always gotten good grades and maintained a 3.8 GPA throughout.

a ton of writing

I have started content writing about two years ago for a company that had saw my talent and my ability to write and draw an audience. I was writing about marijuana at the time and of course, that subject is something that is very fun to write about (for me). I am even surprised that there aren’t enough marijuana based websites out there, maybe I should start one.

So, I will try to write every day if possible. My life gets boring from time to time, so I may run out of things to write about. I will pick topics at random and try to write about it, maybe even do some research to expand on those topics. If you would like to make a suggestion to what I should write about, you can reach me using the contact form.

goat cheese pie

I am also a big foodie, even though the food in San Francisco isn’t all that great. I will perhaps take some pictures and do some restaurant reviews from time to time.